Play Ball ~ Mckinney Children’s Photographer

January is always a slower month in the world of photography. After the hustle and bustle of working nearly every day of fall, it’s nice to enjoy a bit of a break. I quickly miss shooting though and always look forward to when things pick up again in spring. The best thing about this time of year though is it gives me time to focus on photos with my own kids and any creative projects I want to do.


And that brings me to baseball pictures. My oldest who’s six, has played baseball for three seasons now. He’s really starting to enjoy it and understand the game and it’s so fun watching him grow in his abilities. I’ve wanted to do some personalized baseball photos of him for a while, I’m just not a fan of the quick one minute fake screen photos that the league provides! :-/ So this brings me to our fun little session doing what he loves. I’m offering these as mini sessions on February 6th so if your little boy (or girl!) plays baseball and you want to join in on these, we would love to have you! 


Hi! I’m Laura! Thank you for visiting my site giving me the consideration of documenting this special time for your family! With over 800 newborns photographed and over 9 years of experience, I can assure you, your little one is in the best hands! Before I was a photographer I was a first grade teacher. I stopped doing that when my oldest son was born and quickly picked up photography as a hobby. Being a first time mom and seeing just how quickly my baby was growing and changing each day I realized the importance of documenting these memories. When they say the days are long but the years are short, that could not be more true! That same baby is almost a teenager now and I am so glad I had photography as a way to freeze that tiny window of time! I once heard someone say that while family photos are important, you can take new ones every year. Newborn photos are a one time thing and once that time is gone you’ll never get it back!