How to get started in newborn photography {Newborn Photography Mentoring and Workshops}

As a Dallas newborn photographer, I absolutely love meeting new families and photographing their adorable new little ones. But I almost equally love helping new photographers follow their passion and get started in newborn photography! I realize it can be incredibly overwhelming, I’ve been there myself and there just seems like no end to stuff you need to purchase to get your business off the ground! I’ve created a list of my favorite newborn photography items, the things I absolutely couldn’t live without! Read on for my best items to get started as a newborn photographer.

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Studio Lighting

This one is by far the most valuable tool to have. Lighting can make or break a photo and studio is lighting is so great because it is consistent and reliable. I use an Einstein light and I love it! If you are looking for a more affordable option, an Alien Bee is great starter light! You’ll also want to get a light stand a  light modifier. I use a PLM and it creates the most beautiful and soft light! I know this sounds overwhelming, I’ve been there and I get it! Feel free to comment on this post and I’d be more than happy to help you get started with studio lighting!


Posing table

You’re next important item is something to pose the babies on. I used a beanbag for years and recently switched to a posing table. Let’s just say, it’s the best decision I ever made! It’s so much more firm and makes posing a breeze! You’ll want to start with a simple card table. I found this one on Amazon! Next I cut the legs down my half so it would be a comfortable height and safer for baby! Finally, I covered the top with a foam padding to give some extra cushion.


Posing Beans and Shape Shifters

I seriously could not live without either of these items! Posing Beans are what I use for most of my prop poses. They are perfect for going under baby’s head or neck to give them that extra lift. Shape shifters are perfect on the table! They don’t slip around get baby in the exact position I need! I highly recommend both of these for any newborn photography “starter kit”.



A good basket

Trust me when I say you can go crazy with prop buying! Everything is SO cute and tempting. If you are just starting out, I’d recommend a versatile basket. This can get you a few different poses and looks. One I love is this one by my favorite vendor, Hello Little Props. Here’s a couple of photos of it in use in two different poses!


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Fabrics for table poses and wraps

I’d recommend starting with just a few backdrops and wraps. You can always add more but if you have a good white, cream, pink, blue and maybe a gender neutral color like green that will get you started! I love stretchy material for this and I also recommend buying matching wrap and backdrop sets. A few vendors I love for this are Freebird PropsManly and Pretty Little Things, and Hello Little Props. If you are short on funds, start with just a good ivory and expand from there! I find that 90% of my clients request a neutral color!

Heater and Sound Machine

These are my last two must have newborn photography items! Keep in mind that these babies have not been out in the world for more than a couple of weeks. We want to make them comfortable and replicate being back in their mama’s tummy. I could not get by without my heater and my sound machine! I use a simple, small room heater (all hardware stores like Lowes or Home Depot have them) and this sound machine! 


If you are new to photography or wanting to learn more about newborn photography, I also teach small group, 2:1 and 1:1 on hands on mentoring. We will spend a day discussing all things newborn photography and learn prop and table posing, lighting, sibling and family poses, wrapping and more! You can find more information on our workshops here!


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Hi! I’m Laura! Thank you for visiting my site giving me the consideration of documenting this special time for your family! With over 800 newborns photographed and over 9 years of experience, I can assure you, your little one is in the best hands! Before I was a photographer I was a first grade teacher. I stopped doing that when my oldest son was born and quickly picked up photography as a hobby. Being a first time mom and seeing just how quickly my baby was growing and changing each day I realized the importance of documenting these memories. When they say the days are long but the years are short, that could not be more true! That same baby is almost a teenager now and I am so glad I had photography as a way to freeze that tiny window of time! I once heard someone say that while family photos are important, you can take new ones every year. Newborn photos are a one time thing and once that time is gone you’ll never get it back!