Are Newborn Photos Worth It? {Dallas Maternity and Newborn Photographer}

So you may be wondering, are newborn photos really worth it? As a Dallas newborn photographer, I absolutely love having the honor of capturing some of the very first memories parents have with their new babies. One thing expectant parents are constantly considering is are newborn photos worth it? I’ve been there and I totally understand the hesitancy! You’re already stressed with buying new things for the baby, getting the nursery ready and adjusting to what life will be like with a baby. (Or a baby with other kids!)  I definitely believe newborn photos are worth it and I’ve compiled a list of reasons why!

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are newborn photos worth it

Are Newborn Photos Worth It? 

Newborn photos capture a time that you can’t ever get back.

As a first time parent, it can be overwhelming having a newborn. You are sleep deprived and learning how to care for a new baby and sometimes it’s hard to just slow down and appreciate each moment. Trust me when I say the newborn stages goes by in the blink of an eye. I cannot tell you how often I have clients come in for their ordering appointment only a week or two after their session and comment on how much their baby as already grown.

The tiny little back rolls, the clenched fists, the sleeping baby grins…they will all be gone before you know it. I feel as though documenting newborn photos are similar to wedding photos, as this is a once in a lifetime moment!

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We take care of every detail for you

As a new mom we know you are already juggling so much! That is why you only need to bring your baby to the session! We have an entire prop room full of adorable baskets, bowls, buckets, gorgeous posing fabrics and blankets and cute headbands and hats. It’s all for you! We also offer a full client closet of gorgeous dresses for new moms! Even better, we can arrange for a hair and makeup artist to come to the studio during the session to get you photoshoot ready. We try our absolute hardest to make the entire experience stress free!

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We offer custom artwork to document this time forever

How many times have you taken photos only to have them sit on your computer forever and never printed? Even as a photographer I am guilty of this myself! We get busy and life gets in the way and we just never do it! At our newborn photography studio we offer a full service experience. We have a variety of gorgeous products such as heirloom albums, folio boxes with matted prints to display, top of the line canvas prints and even acrylic and wood prints. We want this investment to be one that you have something physical to keep and not just a digital file! Imagine 20 years from now your daughter or son looking through their newborn album! You are truly giving your entire family a gift to cherish forever.

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There’s nothing better than older siblings with their newborn

Maybe you aren’t a first time parent and are wondering if you should schedule a newborn session. If you didn’t do newborn photography with your first baby, why should you do it this time? We get asked this question a lot! At our Mckinney newborn photography studio, we absolutely love incorporating family and siblings into the shoot! We can even custom design your session to have a bigger focus on family and sibling photos! Trust me when I say that there is nothing sweeter than a toddler sibling loving on their new baby. And what a precious memory to document as a parent!

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Newborn Safety is our number one priority

As a Dallas newborn photographer. newborn safety is my number one priority. We have a fully trained assistant at every session so there is always a set of hands two inches away from your little one! I also teach newborn mentoring to newer photographers and have extensive training in safe posing! With over 8 years of experience as a newborn photographer I can promise your baby is in great hands!

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If you are interested in learning more about our newborn photography sessions, contact us here! We take a limited amount of sessions each month in order to give each client a fully customized experience. We normally suggest booking during your second trimester to ensure availability.

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Hi! I’m Laura! Thank you for visiting my site giving me the consideration of documenting this special time for your family! With over 800 newborns photographed and over 9 years of experience, I can assure you, your little one is in the best hands! Before I was a photographer I was a first grade teacher. I stopped doing that when my oldest son was born and quickly picked up photography as a hobby. Being a first time mom and seeing just how quickly my baby was growing and changing each day I realized the importance of documenting these memories. When they say the days are long but the years are short, that could not be more true! That same baby is almost a teenager now and I am so glad I had photography as a way to freeze that tiny window of time! I once heard someone say that while family photos are important, you can take new ones every year. Newborn photos are a one time thing and once that time is gone you’ll never get it back!